Monday, August 12, 2013

Earth 2 # 15 Review (contains spoilers)

As James Robinson's final issue of his Earth 2 run rapidly approaches, so does the end of our heroes' luck, or so it seems in this month's story.  Our heroes, both the World Army and Green Lantern, Flash and Dr. Fate face off with what the Flash describes as the Three Terrors.  Earth 2 # 15 is truly action packed and it gets started with a bang.  Steppenwolf's Hounds (who Flash refers to as Terrors) have a fairly easy fight with the Earth's super-powered wonders.  With one of the Terrors making some of the World Army go temporarily insane and turn on one another.  As I had predicted way back when the Sandmen were first introduced, they are beginning to get killed off.  I suspect that Wesley Dodds will be the last Sandman standing, if not by the end of this story arc, then eventually.  

To break up the story, Robinson also has the reader follow Hawkgirl on her ongoing investigation into the death of GL's fiance (he was more than just a lover to Alan Scott).  This is where we get reintroduced to a classic JSA villain the Fiddler!  However, this time "he" is reincarnated into this new DC Universe in the female form and "his" name is now Melody.  Finally to further break up the story, we also follow Mister Miracle and Big Barda's fight with Fury.  

This issue was a ton of fun to read.  The battles were intense and every single story line in this issue is left with a cliff hanger.  Kind of sucks that next month is DC's Villains month because we will have to wait till October to see what happens to our heroes in James Robinson's final Earth 2 issue.  

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