Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Justice League Dark # 23 Review (contains spoilers)

Okay, so I'm going to start this by stating my disappointment with what was Dr. Fate's first appearance in the Justice League Dark comics.  I was really hoping for more than just one panel and a mention by Deadman.  I mean, if the appearance was limited to the one panel, why even announce it at ComicCon?  Hawkgirl and Flash of Earth 2 were in the very same panel but they weren't announced.  Okay, I get that it is setting up what looks to be the first "Crisis on Multiple Earths" type event with Earth 1 & Earth 2, and that Dr. Fate may play a significant role in the event (which would make me very happy) but still.  If you are going to make an announcement that a character is showing up in a comic, that character better appear in more than just one panel.

Apart from that [big] gripe, I thought it was a solid issue.  Fun to see the heroes fight over Pandora's Box, and Mikel Janin's art is incredible as usual.  He is by far my favorite of DC's artists and that is saying a whole lot considering DC has artists like Brett Booth and Nicola Scott in their artist stables.  After I got over my disappointment of how little Dr. Fate was actually in the book, I enjoyed the art and the story.  Overall it was a great read...but still disappointed in how small Dr. Fate's part was in the book.

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