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Fun Friday Post

I laughed out loud when I saw this piece by  Very funny!

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Lords of Chaos

Today I thought I would take a closer look at one of Dr. Fate's old defining characteristics and that is his battle against the forces or rather, the Lords of Chaos.  The Dr. Fate of the New DC Universe is fairly new, so we don't yet know if Nabu (who has been established in the new universe) is a Lord of Order.

In the Old DC Universe, Nabu the Wise was a Lord of Order who fought arduously against the Lords of Chaos, in a classic plight of good vs evil.  However, in the 1980's Dr. Fate miniseries we learn that it is not quite so black and white.  The following history is taken from the DC Wikia page:


The Lords of Chaos are an organization of disembodied God-like being capable of wielding nearly infinite power. As their titles suggest, the Lords are champions of chaos and discord, laboring to bring about the Kali Yuga - the Fourth Age of Man. Their primary adversaries are the Lords of Order, who seek to maintain universal balance throughout reality. Each organization effects change on Earth through the use of select agents, which they in turn bestow great power unto. The Lords of Chaos have employed agents such as Doctor Chaos, Kestrel and even the former hero known as Hawk to meet their goals.

War Between Order and Chaos
Chaos and Order have been fighting a cyclical battle for eons. First Order is dominant, then Chaos, then destruction and renewal and then it starts over again. Originally, the struggle was depicted as one between Good (Order) and Evil (Chaos); it is currently depicted as a balance between stagnation and anarchy.
The two opposing forces are bundles of mystical energy who usually depend on servants to accomplish their goals. They can take physical form by possessing a living being, as in the case ofNabu or Mordru, or empower humans to act as their agents, as in the case of Terataya and T'Charr (a Lord of Order and a Lord of Chaos respectively), who empowered Hawk and Dove to act in their stead.

A Lord of Order and a Lord of Chaos were also sent to the Dreaming as representatives of their realms. Kilderkin of Order manifested as a lidless box with a servant djinn holding it, and Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade of Chaos as a young blonde girl with a balloon.

In the 1980's miniseries it is revealed that the balance between Order and Chaos is just that.  The fight between Order and Chaos is more about maintaining balance rather than a plight between good and evil and the Lords of Order at that time are willing to lay down their fight and let chaos bring in the Kali Yuga so as to restore an age of order in the future which would occur after the age of chaos ends it's cycle.

An interesting little tidbit to add to this is a small portion of a book that I'm reading by Dr. Michio Kaku about physics and parallel worlds.  In this paragraph I'll be noting below, he writes about Three Laws of Thermodynamics, the second law having to do with chaos:

"The second law is the most mysterious and most profound.  It states that the total amount of entropy (chaos or disorder) in the universe always increases."

I thought that was very interesting as it almost describes the coming age of man or Kali-Yuga. Let's hope that Nabu is somewhere out there battling to save us from this ever increasing chaos. =)

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Happy New Comic Book Day!

Happy New Comic Book Day everyone!  To celebrate, here is a picture of Dr. Fate being awesome.

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What I would Like From a Dr. Fate Movie

Okay, so I am grounded in reality enough to know that Dr. Fate getting his own live-action, big screen movie is a tremendous long shot.  However, with the Warner Brothers big wig's statements over the weekend saying that a large portion of WB movies will be based on DC comics characters, I can't help but fantasize about what a Dr. Fate movie would be like.

If it was me planning out the movie, I would base it on Golden's 5-part miniseries of the early 2000's.  I think that miniseries works perfectly as a one-shot story for Dr. Fate and is very representative of the Dr. Fate character.  However, I would not have Hector Hall play the main character.  Hector can easily be replaced for Kent Nelson, or even Khalid if DC and WB wanted more of a new 52 approach.  The story also doesn't have to explain how Dr. Fate became Dr. Fate, we know that he is a neophyte hero who is learning his way through his powers (something that has been a recurring theme ever since Kent Nelson left the Helm).

The Golden miniseries is dark and reads very cinematically.    When reading the story I can almost see it as a movie.  What is great about the story is that Dr. Fate would be the sole hero in the movie but there can be some cameos from other heroes such as the Phantom Stranger and JSA making it an interconnected movie universe acknowledging the existence of other super heroes.  If they choose to go with Kent Nelson as the person under the Helm they can tweak the love interest so that it is Inza instead of a local cafe waitress and if they choose Khalid they can leave the love interest as is.

With regards to casting, I really don't have a favorite for the role.  I would just want a good actor to portray the doctor.  Someone that would do the character justice.  However, since Dr. Fate getting his own live action movie is the longest of long shots, I do have my fingers crossed that he will at least have a small part in Guillermo DelToro's Justice League Dark movie.  Till then, all us Dr. Fate fans can just continue to dream about a Dr. Fate film and be thankful that we at least got to see him in Smallville's Absolute Justice episodes and Axel Braun's Man of Steel parody.

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Hector Hall Tribute

I often ignore Hector Hall's time as Dr. Fate on this blog so I thought I'd put up a tribute to him.  He wasn't my favorite versions of Dr. Fate but his costume was pretty darn cool.  Too bad some of the artists at that time couldn't quite get the Helm of Nabu right (as you'll see in some of the pictures below).