Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Covers of January Earth 2 Solicitations

Check out the covers for January 2014 Earth 2 comics that were released yesterday.

Earth 2 Annual #2
Awesome to see Dr. Fate prominently displayed on this cover.  And if you notice he looks a lot closer to old school Dr. Fate with no marking on his helmet and his suit having that blueish tint.  I know that the blue is a reflection of the lighting on the black suit, but still, the blue looks so great on him.  

Earth 2 #19
 Looks like our heroes on Earth 2 continue to struggle to get the upper hand against Brutaal aka Superman.  If you look on the right hand corner the Helm of Nabu is below GL's hand and right next to Batman's cowl.  Who will be able to defeat Superman?

Can't wait to read what Tom Taylor has in store for us Earth 2 fans.  

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