Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Earth 2 #16 Review

Wow, talk about going out on top!  James Robinson's last issue of Earth 2 literally made me say "Oh sh!t!" out loud.  For those of you who read the issue, you know what part I am talking about.  All though many of us Earth 2 fans had already guessed the identity of Brutaal, James Robinson and Nicola Scott still manage to make the reveal scene shocking.  It was also cool to see Dr. Fate use his magic in different ways, not just as a form of attack or defense.  While we are on the subject of Dr. Fate I have to point out the only thing that bothers me about the book and that is that Nicola Scott continues to struggle with the Helm of Nabu.  In some panels the Helm looks awesome and in others it looks just terrible.  Take for instance the panel below:

In this panel the Helm looks long, over-sized and awkward.  One of the things that killed Hector Hall for me, was that the artists at that time also struggled with the Helm.  Also, take a look at the following panel:

It looks a little better here, but why is she trying to draw a nose on the Helm?  I've seen her do this on a few other issues (trying to draw facial features on the helm).  The Helm should be smooth and devoid of facial features.  This is what gives Dr. Fate that classic aloof look.  This is why I hope to see Dr. Fate on other titles, so I can see him drawn properly.  Nicola Scott is a fantastic artist, but doesn't seem to get Dr. Fate or just struggles with the Helm.  It's funny because the Helm is fairly simple, and when drawn properly looks amazing.  However, when not drawn well, it makes Dr. Fate lose that iconic, individual look that draws many people to that character. 

I know that Nicola Scott has a lot of fans and I'm probably going to get some hate mail for my criticisms.  Not saying she's a bad artist, but with this particular character she does struggle.  One can't look at those panels above and say that is a great looking Dr. Fate.  

Overall, James Robinson's final issue on Earth 2 was a blast.  Loved the story and for the most part I enjoyed the art.  Just looking forward to seeing a Nicola Scott improve on Dr. Fate's Helm.  


  1. Khalid as a character though just continues to impress making him one of my favorites to ever dawn the helm of Nabu though he's only just begun! :3

    1. Totally! Khalid shows a lot of promise.