Thursday, October 17, 2013

F.U., I'm Doctor Fate!

Today I am introducing a new segment to the Tower of Fate Blog.  As you may have read in the title, this segment is going to be called "F.U., I'm Doctor Fate."  One thing that I loved about the Golden Age Doctor, is that he did not give a f@ck.  Not one!  He would go where he wants, do what he wants, and kill who he wants (as long as they are bad guys of course).  You didn't like that sh!t you might get knocked the F out, and consider yourself lucky he didn't throw you off a building.  This segment seeks to highlight some of those unintentionally funny moments.

Today's segment of "F.U., I'm Doctor Fate!" features Doctor Fate's visit to the underworld and his first meeting with Nergal.  As you will see, Doctor Fate steps into Nergal's home and makes him his b!tch, because F@ck Nergal! That's why! (and also Nergal's minions were terrorizing the land of the living)


  1. Nice! Man, if they made an EARTH 2 version of this story, Doctor Fate would straight-up pimp slap Nergal until he cried.

    1. Haha, thanks. I'm not too sure about that though. Kent Nelson (the original one) was pretty much the only Dr. Fate that would command respect like he does. Eric Strauss and Hector Hall tried to but weren't as convincing.