Monday, October 7, 2013

New Dr. Fate T-shirt has a new Dr. Fate t-shirt in stock!  Check it out:

And here is their description of the shirt:

Before the Helm of Nabu transformed people into the mystical superhero Doctor Fate, it was the 100% cotton Dr. Fate Stars Yellow T-Shirt! That Nabu was always a big fan of short sleeved shirts for some reason...nobody ever quite figured it out. There might even be some magic left in the retro artwork of Doctor Fate surrounded by a burst of stars on the Dr. Fate Stars Yellow T-Shirt. You'll have to check though; I lost my ability to quantify magic after the Spectre banished me to a frozen mountain during the Day of Judgement. 

Ha!  I thought the description was very clever.  Go online and pick this shirt up!  I am ordering mine as soon as I get paid this week.  


  1. Great description and cool shirt! Reminds me of the Super Powers era. And LOVE that Dr Fate logo!!