Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Justice League Unlimited #14

This was a great Halloween Justice League Unlimited issue that was printed in 2005.  It's appropriate that I recently became aware of this issue as Halloween happens to be tomorrow! (Some might even call it Fate)  This issue features many of DC's supernatural heroes including Dr. Fate, Dr. Occult, the Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Etrigan, Deadman and Zauriel.  

It's a neat little story that reminds me a bit of Reign in Hell, but much, much, shorter and much more kid friendly.  In this story Deadman finds out that three demons have taken over Limbo and are not letting souls pass on to the other side.  He enlists the above mentioned heroes with ties to the supernatural and travel into limbo to battle the demons. 

Once in Limbo, the heroes engage the three demons in battle:

However, it doesn't go so well for our heroes as they are double crossed by Etrigan and end up getting captured:

What the three demons did not know was that Etrigan was only pretending to double cross the heroes in order to free Zatanna from their grasp.  Once freed, all the heroes combine their powers in order to defeat the demons: 

Overall this was a fun little story featuring pretty much all of my favorite characters from DC comics.  Would have been cool to see Madam Xanadu in there as well but it's all good.  It's really cool that they featured Dr. Occult who rarely gets any love in comics.  Also, cool to see Dr. Fate invoke Nabu's name.  I don't think he ever did in the Justice League cartoons.  This would have been a great story to see animated.  

Happy Early Halloween Everybody!!!!

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