Monday, November 25, 2013

Dr. Fate's Words: Maniacal Rantings or Prophecies

Angel in the slaughter.
The Queen. The Criminal. The resurrected hope. The alien.

Above are Khalid/Dr. Fate's words he was left repeating over and over again after the epic beat down he received by Superman in the last issue of Earth 2.  As usual, the rantings are very cryptic, but according to Tom Taylor in his interview with Newsarama (the unfridging of Lois Lane) these rantings are going to be very important. I gotta say, I really like this new "power" that Khalid has inherited as Dr. Fate.  James Robinson's addition of this unfortunate third eye-sight makes him even more mystical, at least in my opinion.  Some of the old Dr. Fate's were able to look into the future and see things much more clearly, but I like that Khalid gets partial sight into other's and his own fate.  Makes him that more interesting.  

As far as deciphering Khalid's prophetic rant means, there have been a few guesses.  Matt Santori-Griffith of believes that "The Queen. The Criminal. The resurrected hope. The alien" all refer to Earth 2's Trinity (Wonder Woman, Batman, Lois Lane, Superman), where as I was thinking a possible crossover with Earth 1.  I would place my money on Matt's guess, however, as it makes more sense.  I still wonder who is the "Angel in the slaughter"?  And I can only guess that the "Crumbles" part of the prophecy refers to Earth 2 crumbling or being shattered (but not completely destroyed) due to this current threat.

So what do you guys think?  What do Dr. Fate's words mean?  Is it a reference to Earth 2's original Trinity? Who is the Angel in the slaughter?  Can't wait for the next issue of Earth 2!   

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