Friday, November 22, 2013

The DC Television Universe Continues to Expand

These are very, very exiting times for DC Comics fans.  Barry Allen is set to make his debut on Arrow in two weeks and after one more appearance on Arrow, the Flash will be getting his own show next fall.  It would be cool if the DC shows would take  a page out of DC comics tradition and eventually have the last 10 minutes of the show dedicated to introducing a new character.  I don't know who they could introduce in that format, but maybe, maybe keeping with tradition, maybe they can introduce Doctor Fate a la 1980's comics style:

Ok, ok, ok....I know that probably won't happen, however , with the introduction of Solomon Grundy into Arrow (which is beyond awesome) and Hourman coming to television soon, DC comics and CW network, I beg of you, you MUST make this happen in an Hourman episode:

If this happens in an Hourman episode you have my word I will never, ever bug you about a Dr. Fate movie, or complain about anything DC ever again.  

Indeed, these are exciting times for DC fans.  Hourman, Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Solomon Grundy, Speedy, possibly Nightwing all on television.  If this had happened back when I was 8 or 9 years old my head would have exploded.  

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  1. I know! It is a good time to be a DC fan really. Arrow is great and we are getting The Flash as well.

    Now we just need some of the magic users from DC and we would both be happy!