Monday, December 30, 2013

Dr. Fate 2013 Year in Review

Today we review 2013 and what it meant for Dr. Fate as well as look ahead at 2014.  Obviously 2013 was a big year for Dr. Fate as he returned to the pages of DC Comics with a brand new identity and a spiffy, redesigned costume.  I have to admit that I am very happy with James Robinson's re-imagining of Dr. Fate.  I like the fact that the good doctor's new identity is that of a native Egyptian (Khalid Ben-Hassin) but still has ties to the Nelson bloodline.  Also, the new costume is pretty darn cool.  I do wish they had kept the old, blue-gold, color scheme but I can live with the universe-contained uniform.  

The new Dr. Fate also has been marked as a link between Earth 1 and Earth 2 in the pages of the Trinity War event.  He made a one-panel appearance in the pages of Justice League Dark as Shazam opened Pandora's Box and connected all magical beings on Earth 1 as well as Dr. Fate from Earth 2 for one brief moment.  It will be interesting to see how that connection plays out when the two worlds finally meet.  We know that Superman, Batman, Power Girl and Huntress are all aware of the two different Earths, as are the two Mr. Terrifics (to me Terry Sloan will always be Mr. Terrific) on Earth 2. 

Dr. Fate also made some brief appearances in the final episodes of Cartoon Network's Young Justice before the show's cancellation.  There were some rumored DC Nation cartoon shorts featuring Dr. Fate that never came about, but hopefully will come to fruition in 2014.  And lastly, we got to see Dr. Fate make his adult film debut in Axel Braun's Man of Steel Parody.  His appearance was actually handled really well in Mr. Braun's film, and to those wondering Dr. Fate does not "get lucky" in the movie.  

A look ahead to 2014
In the year ahead we already have Dr. Fate featured on two Earth 2 covers.  One in this month's upcoming Earth 2 Annual and the other is in March's Earth 2 issue.  Khalid has had a rough go of it in his first year as Dr. Fate, most notably getting his ass handed to him by evil Superman.  Let's hope that in the upcoming year Khalid gets more confidence and learns to use Dr. Fate's powers to their full potential. 

In terms of television appearances, there are not much prospects.  I hope to see those DC Nation cartoon shorts that were rumored come out.  Also, with the DC Universe expanding on television I hope that he will eventually show up in either the Flash's television show or in the Hourman show.  I highly doubt he will appear in the Arrow universe.

There you have it folks, I am so happy to have Dr. Fate back in the DCU.  I only hope that he will get a bit more face time in the coming year but I realize that being a "B" character, other characters will get more face time.  Just happy that he was the main character for an entire arc of Earth 2 this year and am grateful for all his appearances.      

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