Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy New Comic Book Day: Dr. Fate Fan Spotlight

Happy New Comic Book Day and Earth 2 Day everyone!  Hope you are all ready for the new issue of Earth 2 that comes out today along with a long list of other great comics, as well as a new Arrow show which will introduce Barry Allen (the Flash) to the show.

Today I want to spotlight a big Dr. Fate fan on the blog who is going through some difficult times.  His name is Dr. Steve Landman, but he is such a big Dr. Fate fan, that people actually call him Dr. Fate.  Dr. Landman has ben diagnosed with Anti-MAG Peripheral Neuropathy, an auto-immune decease that attacks the nervous system.  Dr. Landman, or Dr. Fate as some call him, is 62 and has been a comic book fan all of his life.  He is now selling his collection in order to help pay some of his medical bills which are quite extensive.  His comic collection will be on sale through through December 13th.  So if you have some disposable cash laying around and want to help him while getting yourself some great comics be sure to stop by the comic auction online.  You can read more about Dr. Landman here: Chicago-Dentist known as Dr. Fate selling valuable childhood comic-book collection as he struggles with rare, incurable disease. And here:

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