Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poetic Death: Shakespear Science Album Review

I know what you are thinking: "an album review? On a comic book blog?  WTF?"  Hopefully as I review this record it will become more apparent why I am reviewing it on here.  The record I'm referring to, and will be reviewing today is Poetic Death's Shakespear Science.

This is not Poetic Death's most recent release, but in my opinion this album is an absolute masterpiece.  The album was released in 2011 but it was, and still is, so far ahead of its time other artists still have not caught up to it.  The production, the lyrics, everything about this album is so incredibly dope.  The album is so dope that I HAD to write a review for it on my Dr. Fate blog.  In fact, it has replaced Outkast's ATLiens album as my favorite hip hop album of all time.  

The production on this album is incredible and matches the tone of Poetic Death's lyrics perfectly.  I enjoyed every single beat on every single song.  Musically, you will be hard pressed to find an album better than this. Now, as fair warning, if your idea of good music is club, commercial beats with dumbed down lyrics, this record is not for you.  But if you enjoy complex beats that will make you nod your head through the entire album coupled  with thought provoking lyrics then this record is most certainly for you.

Now, let's get into the lyrics.  This is where the album truly shines and why I think a review of this record is appropriate for this blog.  Poetic Death speaks on what most underground artists speak on: politics, what is happening in impoverished neighborhoods, and encouraging others to open their minds/third eye.  Where Poetic Death differs is in the mysticism he brings to his lyrics.  Yes, a lot of emcees talk about bending time and space and opening their third eye.  What Poetic Death brings to the table is a real understanding of the mystical, a real understanding of religion, and a  real understanding of the ancients of Egypt that goes beyond name dropping of a few gods.  His lyrics touch upon subjects such as Judas Iscariot, ancient mysteries of Egypt, the Anunnaki, and other sources of mysticism all while making it relevant to the struggles of today.   

I honestly have not heard another record quite like this.  And that is not to say that Poetic Death's other releases after this record have not been good, in fact most of his material is very good.  But this is one of those records that come along once in a very long while.  Truly an inspired piece of art.  Unfortunately, the record is very difficult to find now-a-days but if you are interested in checking it out one of the producers of the record (Kwervo aka Hellbound) is selling it on his site for a mere $5.  I can't recommend this record enough, I really suggest you pick it up as you will not be disappointed.  You can pick up the record at    

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