Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Dr. Fate in Fighting Video Game

So here is more Dr. Fate in some kind of fighting game.  Notice the first video includes most of the classic JSA.  So very cool!:

And here is a second one of Dr. Fate vs "Strong Guy" :

The videos are really cool.  I'm still not exactly sure if this is just for show or an actual video game.  Here is the site that it is posted from:'s/the-doctor-is-in!-dr-fate-that-is/


  1. Hey, I see you found my Dr Fate wip, and posted it on here, glad you took notice of him. :)

    Yep, I'm still working on him, this is not a show, but an actual game everyone can play. Mugen is a free game engine, that people can make customizable characters, stages, and more.

    See, dr fate's sprites are edited from magneto, cable, captain america and more. Leave a comment in the video if you're more interested

    1. That's awesome! Thanks for clearing that up. When I get some time I'm going to try and play the game.