Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dr. Fate in Injustice Comics

Dr. Fate made his (brief) debut in the Injustice comics today!  And he is wearing the Kent V. Nelson uniform!!!  We don't know yet, who is behing the Helm, but since he is wearing Kent V.'s uniform, I'm going with him behind the Helm.  So great to see Dr. Fate back in his classic blue and gold, and so great to see Kent V. Nelson get one last hurrah as Dr. Fate.

Here is the panel from today's Injustice # 2

classic shot of Kent V. Nelson as Dr. Fate

Can't wait to see the good doctor in action in the Injustice comic.  Although I know his ultimate Fate (get it?) I hope that Tom Taylor gives Dr. Fate some payback for what the Earth 2 Superman did to Khalid.  

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  1. Awesome to see Dr. Fate make his INJUSTICE debut. I collect this title digitally, which splits the print issues into two digital chapters, one released before the print copy and one after, so the part with Fate hasn't come out yet (weird, yeah), but I'm looking forward to it.