Friday, March 14, 2014

DC News Recap

Hi everyone.  I've been crazy busy with work and life this week so I have not been able to post much.  Lots of awesome news coming from DC comics live action shows this week.  Lets start with this awesome image of Constantine:

Really excited to see one of DC comics mystics on television!  Hopefully this means other mystics will show up on his show, maybe even the entire Justice League Dark!  That would be awesome.  Of course, my hope is that Dr. Fate, being a magical/mystical character, will make at least a guest appearance on the program.

Next up: The Flash!
This week we also got to see what the Flash costume will look like on screen.  I know it has received mixed reactions but personally I think it looks fantastic.  Can't wait to see it on my television screen.

Lastly, Newsarama put out the June solicitations from DC Comics'  Future's End weekly series and from the description it looks like we may have a war between the Main DC Earth and Earth 2.  If this is true, then I hope that Dr. Fate finds some mystical allies within those five years because I can't see him taking on all the mystical beings from the Main Earth alone.  He's going to need some help.  Check out the descriptions here: 

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