Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Earth 2 #21 Review

Okay, I'll admit, this review is mostly on me.  It's my fault for picking a C (more like a D) list character to be my very favorite character, knowing that he will rarely be the main focus of a comic's story line.  But like most of the heroes in the Earth 2 book, I'm beginning to lose hope.  

I was super excited when it was announced that Tom Taylor would be the one taking over James Robinson after Robinson's unfortunate departure from the book.  I told everyone on Twitter that if anyone could keep Earth 2 great, Tom Taylor would be the one to do it.  However, since Tom came on board, Dr. Fate has had the crap kicked out of him, rarely makes more that one-to-two panel appearance in the comic, and has been reduced to a shell-shocked, babbling burden.  To say that I am disappointed is putting it mildly.  I was excited to see Dr. Fate on the cover of this month's issue, only to have him show up on two panels.  And I am beginning to lose hope.  

I felt like the last issue was great, Tom introduced some humor and hope into the story line, only to have this issue continue to tear down our heroes even further.  One of the Golden Age characters that Robinson brought back to life in the comics appears to be killed off as well.  I am beginning to lose hope.  And as the Golden Age characters that everyone looked forward to seeing revived in this book are getting killed off or sidelined, we are getting new characters that were not part of that era and Batman and Superman are once again the main focus of this book.  When Earth 2/JSA fans looked towards this book as something different, we did not expect this kind of different.  I am beginning to lose hope.  

What little hope I have left for this Earth 2 book is focused on our heroes ability to be able to defeat evil Supes and Darkseid as well as hoping to see Dr. Fate and the other (original) Earth 2 characters get more face time.  I know I have been writing a ton of positive reviews on Earth 2, and they have all been sincere.  But they were also based on hope.  I kept hoping Dr. Fate would have some role in the next issue.  I kept hoping Jay and Alan would show up soon.  I kept hoping that our heroes would begin to push back against Supes.  Now I find myself hoping that there is another Earth 2 book on its way and that it showcases more of the Golden Age characters (including Dr. Fate).  I find myself hoping that Dr. Fate will somehow make the jump to the main Earth after all the Forever Evil stuff is done so he can join the Justice League Dark.  But most of all I find myself losing hope in the Earth 2 book and it's my own fault.  

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