Friday, March 14, 2014

Mysterious Figure in Fan Made MoS2 Poster

By now most of us have seen this fan made Batfleck poster for MoS2.  But have you guys noticed that mysterious figure in the background?

Could it be?  Is that that the silhouette of the Golden Crusader?  Is the Ankh Warrior watching the developments of the MoS2 film?  Does he have a hand in Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman's fated meeting?  Let's take a closer look adding a little brightness to the image:

I don't know, but to me it most certainly looks like Doctor Fate watching over Batman's shoulder!  Do we know who made this "fan made poster?"  How do we know it wasn't made by a WB executive?  Could this be a hint that Dr. Fate will be in the MoS2 film or perhaps the Justice League movie!?  Probably not, but it's fun to engage in wishful thinking. =) 

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