Monday, April 14, 2014

Appreciation of Dr. Fate from an Adult Perspective

The image below, along with the narrative are some of the main reasons for my fascination with the Doctor Fate character.

What drew me to Doctor Fate as a kid, what captured my imagination about this character was his very distinct look.  He looks very different from most other superheroes and the gold and blue color scheme just looks so cool.  Admittedly, as an adult Dr. Fate's visual appearance is still something that draws me to the character as I still think that he is one of the coolest looking superheroes out in the comics universe.  However, the narrative in that panel is something that I appreciate much more now.  There is something about Dr. Fate, he has a special quality about him that allows writers to write some beautiful stories.  There are other mystics in DC Comics' stables, but there is something special about Dr. Fate.  Case in point this Green Lantern/Dr. Fate one-shot from the Brave and The Bold comics.  If you haven't read Brandon Jerwa's one shot story in the JSA comics, you should definitely read it.  It's a beautiful short story featuring Dr. Fate.  Gerber's Dr. Fate story, as a story of redemption was also very introspective.  

There is something special about Dr. Fate that makes him stand out from the other mystics in the comics universe.  Maybe it is all in the name, Doctor Fate.  Doctor implies he is a healer and fate is something that we are bound by.  In the panel above, he knows of his coming fate yet he is able to let it go and live in the very moment.  Maybe it's that Zen type of quality about the good Doctor that makes him so great.  He displays this quality over and over again, no matter who wears the helm.  

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