Thursday, April 3, 2014

Earth 2 # 22 Review

After I finished reading Earth 2 # 22 yesterday, I had one of those "Eureka!" moments.  I put the issue down and I thought to myself "I get it."  I finally understood why James Robinson left the comic and DC comics altogether.  The staple characters of this Earth were about to be pushed to the sidelines to make room for another Batman vs Superman story and he probably didn't want anything to do with it.  If I am correct, I really admire Mr. Robinson for standing up for these characters that have been around almost as long as Supes and Bats but have none of the recognition.  

Let me also say that I love Tom Taylor.  I think he is a fantastic writer.  What he has done with the Injustice series has been remarkable.  Injustice is consistently one of the best comics DC puts out regularly.  I have never been disappointed with a single issue of that series.  However, Earth 2 is a different story.  In this issue we see Alan Scott come back (which is great) but he is only in the comic enough to see his resurrection.  Jay Garrick is still captured/MIA and Dr. Fate is a mess.  Last time we saw the Atom he had his arm amputated by Superman and Sandman barely gets mentioned.  At least Hawkgirl is playing a bigger part and who knows what ever became of Captain Steel.  Instead of all these great classic characters we get a focus on Lois Lane as Red Tornado (which is clever), a young Jimmy Olsen and a new Kryptonian.  I'm sorry but this doesn't excite me for the series at all.  If it wasn't for the fact that Earth 2 is the only place I get at least a glimpse at my favorite character, I would be dropping it.  And I don't think this is all Taylor's fault. Obviously, this is a story line that the editors at DC wanted to pursue.    


Having said all that, the last couple of pages in this issue actually became more interesting.  The Kryptonian kid is beginning to discover his powers and Superman wants to stop him before he realizes just how powerful he can become.  Before Superman can cause any permanent damage to what could be Earth 2's savior, Lois reveals herself to Superman leaving him stunned.  I just hope that next issue we get to see our heroes deliver some blow back with the help of Green Lantern.  Also, I hope there is no redemption for this Superman.  After all that he has done he better not just snap out of it and have everything be okay and forgiven.  That would be some serious B.S.  I honestly cannot wait till this arc is done and over with.  I am done with it, let's move on to what happens next.  

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