Friday, April 4, 2014

In Earth 2's Defense...

So I was feeling down about how disappointing (to me) the last couple of issues of Earth 2 have been and decided to go to the DC comics page and look ahead at was was coming up.  I was pleasantly surprised by next month's solicitation that reads as follows:

With Green Lantern resurrected, the heroes of Earth 2 go on the offensive against the forces of Darkseid and Apokolips! As the heroes prepare an all-out assault, plans are put into motion for the Red Tornado to make one last, desperate attempt to stop Superman.

This gives me some hope that the story line will start turning around.  And I hope it gives all those people that decided to drop the series some desire to give the series one more shot, at least for one more issue.  This story line has been rough, but I have faith that the series will turn around.  However, if the main Earth 2 characters continue to be just backdrop characters I might have to drop the series as well.  I am pleading with Tom Taylor and the editors at DC to make Earth 2 about those staple Earth 2 characters (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Dr. Fate, Sandman, Atom, etc...) and not have them just as window dressing.  You already have a bunch of super cool characters to work with, develop those characters before focusing on new ones.

This is what most Earth 2 fans want to see:

I apologize for sounding like a whining fanboy, but that's how I feel at the moment.  Thanks to anyone who read my rant.

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