Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review: New Avengers # 16 "A Perfect World"

I know what you are thinking, "What the hell? An Avengers review on a Dr. Fate blog, what's going on?"  If you are thinking that, I would say that I am offended because you did not read my previous post about Marvel's analog Dr. Fate; the Norn.  Jokes aside, yes, Marvel has an analog Dr. Fate and it is not Dr. Strange.  The Norn looks very similar to Dr. Fate and I would say very close to Dr. StrangeFate as he wears the same ankh style boots Dr. StrangeFate wore.

Anyhow, I am not familiar with the story of the New Avengers comics but it is not hard to follow.  There are some alien races that are bent on the destruction of Earth and all its parallel equivalents throughout the Multiverse.  There is a group of heroes from the main Earth called the Illuminati who are trying to stop these "incursions" and save their Earth.  In this issue they find an Earth (Earth 4,290,001) with a set of heroes that have managed to beat the aliens over and over again and save their Earth.  These heroes formed a team called the Great Society (JSA anyone?).  The Great Society consists of Sun God (analog for Superman), Boundless (analog for Flash), Doctor Spectrum (analog for Green Lantern), the Rider (analog for Batman), the Jovian (analog for Martian ManHunter) and of course the Norn (analog for Dr. Fate).

I really enjoyed this issue because it was like reading the DCU within the Marvel Universe.  One savvy reader pointed out that if you add up the numbers of Earth 4,290,001 in the following fashion 42+9+1 you get the number 52.  Kind of a cool Easter Egg.  The issue was mostly about the heroics of the Great Society and what I loved most is how well Dr. Fate...errr, I mean the Norn was written.  He was not the leader of the group but was a major role player.  You get a sense of his mysticism and that his words carry a lot of weight. 

Although it was cool to see the Norn play such a huge part in the team, it also made me a bit sad that Dr. Fate is being written much better in Marvel comics than in DC comics.  Not because I hate Marvel or anything like that, but because DC is where the character originated and he is treated better elsewhere. 

 Another thing that made me sad is that these characters have obviously been written to be expendable.  With these excursions becoming more frequent the heroes are having a harder and harder time fending them off.  What's more, is that the heroes from the main Marvel Universe may have to destroy Earth 4,290,001 in order for their Earth to survive.  I hope this does not happen but as the picture below suggests, they are heading for a collision course that I don't think the Great Society will survive.  

Also, check out the Norn in Dr. Fate's original gold and blue colors!  Another thing that Marvel did for the Norn better than DC did for Dr. Fate.  Overall, I enjoyed this issue and will continue on with the arc until the Great Society is no longer part of the comics.  I hope they will continue to be, but I don't see them surviving very long.  The Norn, however, is now my favorite Marvel character ever.  Well him and Dr. Strange. 

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