Friday, May 9, 2014

Earth 2 #23 Review "The Kryptonian Pt. III"

This is the issue most Earth 2 fans have been looking forward to.  Our heroes are forced into action, as Evil Superman and Darkseid's forces attack their hiding spot.  Tom shows off some of his great writing skills with an awkwardly touching moment in the book where Superman takes Red Tornado/Lois Lane back to his parents home.  Superman appears to still have some good left in him as he continues to have a connection with his parents.  

Dr. Fate, although still shell shocked has a few more lines in this issue even foretelling the demise of one of the heroes. Hopefully he'll put the Helm Back on soon and see some action.  Overall, this was a really good issue.  The seeds are planted for that turn around that most Earth 2 fans have been hoping for, but not before more tragedy happens in the form of the (apparent) death of one of the heroes.  Hopefully the momentum will continue onto the next issue.  One scene that really stuck out, besides Superman's visit to his parents' home, was the reintroduction of Green Lantern.  What a great way for him to come back.  If you stopped reading Earth 2 this is a good time to start reading again.  

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