Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Avengers #17 Review: A Perfect World Part II

I am really, really enjoying this book.  I'm not sure how much the New Avengers ties into the rest of the current Marvel Universe but as a stand alone story it is really fun.  I love the fact that the last two issues have been like reading a DC Universe book, but contained inside of the Marvel Universe.  I like to pretend that this Earth is also part of an alternate DC world, and why not?  With all these different dimensions, who's to say that there would be no cross over? (except for the Marvel and DC executives)

The book is really well written by Jonathan Hickman and the art by Rags Morales is awesome.  The story somewhat mirrors the desperation that is happening in Earth 2.  However, this threat comes in the form of incursions from different alien and robotic races bent on the destruction of Earths across the Multiverse.

I love how Hickman depicts the Great Society.  They are heroic, hopeful, and willing to fight to the end.  Even Namor and Black Panther who are watching them from a far admire the team's heroics.  If you take this and contrast it with the heroes of Earth 2, the originals appear somewhat lacking.  To be fair though, the main Marvel heroes are showing the same kind of signs of desperation and loss of hope that the Earth 2 heroes are showing.  Maybe even more so, as evidenced by Namor's words in the panel below:

In his conversation with the Black Panther, Namor goes on to say that the heroes (including themselves) are only warring for fleeting moments, that sooner or later the incursions will take their toll and they all will die.  This is in sharp contrast to the Sun God's (Superman's analog) words of hope that everything lives, and his willingness to die for his planet. 

The issue was extremely fun.  I really like the Great Society and the Norn as they remind me of the pre-New 52 JSA.  I like the character designs and the fact that the Norn looks so much like Dr. Fate.  I also like that Boundless looks like a mix of the current Earth 2 Flash and the regular Flash, that the Jovian can read minds and shape shift, and that the Rider's secret identity is "Wayne" and has red eyes.  

The story ends with a predictable cliff-hanger (predictable because I have seen the cover of the next issue) with the heroes of the Great Society facing off with the Illuminati aka the New Avengers.  I really hope the Great Society survives and continues to be part of the Marvel Universe but I highly doubt that will happen.  Anyhow, I am enjoying the story and really look forward to the next issue.  

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