Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: New Avengers #18 "Into the Breach"

This issue didn't have much on the Norn and the Great Society and was mostly a "set up" issue.  Most of the comic has Black Panther talking to his ancestors and getting their advice on the upcoming situation.  I may be reading too much into it, but within Black Panther's conversation with his ancestors, Jonathan Hickman writes about the Great Society with a lot of reverence.   I almost feel his respect for the heroes that the Great Society is modeled after, and it is a really cool feeling.  But again, I might be reading too much into it.  

There is not a whole lot of action that happens in this issue, as again, it really is more of a set up before the big show down between the Illuminati (New Avengers) and the Great Society.  There is also a conversation between Beast and Bruce Banner discussing the weapons of mass destruction that beast seems to be producing and explaining why they are being produced (again more set up).  I didn't mind the "filler" issue because it means that the Norn and Great Society get to stay alive that much longer.  But it looks like next issue the inevitable fight between the two teams will come to ahead.  Next issue will be very interesting.  

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