Friday, June 6, 2014

Helm of Fate Will Definitely Appear on Constantine Television Show

Dear NBC and DC Comics,

You have made this fanboy so extremely happy and I want to thank you for that.  It was a rumor that the Helmet of Nabu would be showing up on the Constantine show and now we have confirmation.  I am so excited for the possibilities.  From the rumors, right now it is only an Easter Egg, but this confirms that Nabu, and consequently Dr. Fate, exist in the program's universe.  I am totally grateful for this shout out to my favorite hero on the first episode, but I am also holding out hope that the Helm will eventually make it to the hands of either Kent Nelson or Khalid.  I would so love to see Dr. Fate make at least one appearance.  (Would be awesome to see him be a semi-regular character).

For those that haven't seen the new trailer you can check it out here:

Thanks to Andrew Lionheart and Mikael for the heads up on the news. 

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