Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Avengers #20 Review: "Blu'Dakorr"

The showdown between the Great Society and the Illuminati finally happens and IT WAS AWESOME!  Below are some of the images of the fights:

Sun God (Superman vs Hulk)

Black Panther vs The Rider (Batman)

Namor vs Martian Man Hunter (I forget his G.S. name)

Iron Man vs Boundless (Flash)

Dr. Strange vs the Norn (Dr. Fate)  
Note how Dr. Strange states that the Norn does not have "the gift" and calls him a mere curator of magical items. A shot at Dr. Fate and the Helmet of Nabu, no doubt.

This issue was fantastic.  One of the best comics I have read in a while.  Hickman's writing and Schiti's art were spot on. The entire issue was action packed and the fights did not disappoint.  I liked that Black Panther and the Rider were fighting to a draw, Sun God defeats the Hulk, Boundless easily disposes of Iron Man and that MMH looked to be besting Namor.  The Norn seemed to have the upper hand on Dr. Strange until the Doctor calls upon the forces of the dark arts.  If it had not been for Doctor Strange the Great Society would have bested the Illuminati.  The Great Society is not finished yet, but they are definitely on the ropes, the comic ends with this cliffhanger:  

If you're wondering who the guy with the glasses is, well that is the Norn without his helmet:

Turns out the Norn is just a kid.  No doubt in reference to the original Dr. Fate and perhaps his successor, Eric Strauss as they were both kids who were aged by Nabu.  

Schiti's art was awesome as you can see from all the panels above.  But it deserves a couple of more samples:

Dr. Fate...errr, I mean the Norn looks just awesome on the above panels.

Look at the expression on the countenance of Sun God after defeating the Hulk.  He has a look of compassion and sorrow that is so telling.  The Great Society possess this basic goodness about them that the Illuminati/Avengers have lost.  A great example of how the art helps the story telling in comics.  

Like I said before, this was one of the best comics I have read in a long time.  Hickman definitely made a fan out of me.  Looking forward to the next issue to see what will be the ultimate fate of the Great Society.   

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