Saturday, July 5, 2014

Doctor Fate's Psyche Fixed?

Something I noted in the interaction between Doctor Fate and Val on the last issue of Earth 2, was that Val stated that he needed to fix the things that Kal has broken.  He then repairs the Helm of Nabu with his heat vision.  As soon as he hands the Helm back to Khalid, Khalid loses consciousness.  I believe that this means that in fixing Dr. Fate's helmet, Val also fixed Khalid's psyche.  I brought this up to Tom Taylor on twitter as you can read below:

Tom, I just got something, tell me if I'm right. When Val fixed Dr. Fate's helmet, he said he had to fix the things Kal...
...had broken. At that very moment Khalid loses consciousness. Does that mean that when the helm was fixed, Khalid's psyche..
...was fixed?
Tom Taylor responded with the following:

Tom's response seems to hint that I may be correct, so that means we may get a fully recovered Dr. Fate on the next Earth 2 issue! Hooray!!!

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