Thursday, July 3, 2014

Earth 2 #25 Review

Earth 2 #25 was great.  Our heroes are behaving more like heroes now, and its in large part thanks to Red Tornado/Lois Lane distracting Superman.  The pace of the issue is fast and furious.  Loved the reintroduction of Aquawoman back into the story and the battle between our heroes and Darkseid's forces.  Also, loved the contrast of Superman wanting things to be "normal" and sitting down with the family for dinner with the brutality that he demonstrates in killing his own father.  Then the following touching moment when Red Tornado/Lois Lane yells "You can't be him!" and his response which made for a powerful scene.

Doctor Fate gets a few lines in this story and plays a huge part in convincing Val to join the fight. (see panel below)

I liked the fact that Dr. Fate was a bit more involved this issue, but can't wait till he is actually part of the action.  I hope that he is more involved in the World's End comics.  Another thing I liked is the art.  In the past Nicola Scott has struggled with the Helm but it looked absolutely beautiful in the above panel and below as well.

Overall, it was a really fun issue to read.  Our heroes are finally turning things around, something we have been waiting for for a long time.  I just can't wait till Khalid gets it together and we see Dr. Fate in action again.  

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