Friday, September 26, 2014

Doctor Fate Fan Art

Wow!  Truly magnificent fan art by

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Pre-New 52 Universe Still Exists!

HOLY SH!T!!!!   CBR has an article on their site showing the last page of today's "Superman: Doomed" issue and it is glorious! (See below)  Just when DC comics has you at the end of your rope they pull this bit of awesomeness!  The Pre-New 52 universe still exists out there somewhere.  All our beloved characters are still having adventures that we are unaware of.  I hope that they all make a comeback very, very soon!

This part of the panel has me particularly excited!  As much as I am rooting for Khalid, I would love to see Kent Nelson behind the Helm of Nabu again!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes (quick and dirty) Review

A universe where Dr. Fate is the main man?  Yes please and thank you!!  As you can tell, I absolutely loved this issue of Multiversity.  Doc Fate is awesome, he is a mix of Batman, Dr. Fate, and Doc Savage.  Did I mention that I loved this issue of Multiversity?  This issue had everything including Kent Nelson and Nabu name drops by Doc Fate.  There where also ankhs!

It was cool to see Doc Fate also be a person of color, that much like Khalid, was an adopted son of Kent and Inza Nelson.  It was also awesome to have him be the leader of the Society of Super-Heroes.  God, this issue was awesome.  But the very best part of the issue is the panel below:

That's Doc Fate kicking Doctor Faust right in the nuts.  Awesome!  This issue had everything, Lady Blackhawks, the Atom, Abin Sur as this section's Green Lantern, Immortal Man, zombies, and just plain awesomeness.  I give it 5 stars,, no, I give it 10, no wait 100 stars...well, you get the picture, the book was phenomenal.  If I didn't have to get back to work I would write much, much more, but bottom line I loved it.  It felt like the old school DC comics I read as a kid. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Constantine Future's End Review (with spoilers)

Words cannot express how disappointed I was with this issue and how disappointed I have been with how Dr. Fate has been portrayed in DC Comics' New 52 ever since James Robinson left.  The story itself, wrttten by Ray Fawkes, for this one-shot is actually pretty great.  It was creepy, captivating, and as stand alone horror story I really enjoyed it.  Had the antagonist been anyone else but Nabu/Dr. Fate I would have REALLY enjoyed it.  Sadly, it was Nabu who was the antagonist, but this is a totally different Nabu than we've seen before.  Sure, in the pre-New 52 comics Nabu was sort of a dick.  He took Kent Nelson's youth and father from him, was manipulative, he forced Eric Strauss into becoming Dr. Fate, and he was an asshole to Hector Hall.  Even after all this however, you knew that deep down inside he was doing it for the greater good.  He wanted to save mankind from the forces of Chaos, he had some redeeming qualities.  This Nabu, the New 52 Nabu, has none of that.  And it is sad.  The previous Nabu redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to defeat the out of control Spectre and bring on a new age of magic.  The previous Nabu gave up being a Lord of Order in order to save mankind from the coming of the Kali Yuga age.  This Nabu has no issue sacrificing innocents for his own purposes.  The previous Nabu, the real Nabu, was a Lord of Order, one of the most powerful magical beings in the entire Multiverse. This Nabu, the New 52 Nabu is not.  For the new fans, I highly suggest you go back and read some of the old material to find out who the real Dr. Fate was.  He was a drastically different character from that of the New 52.  

I don't know if the writers, editors, head honchos just don't like the character but ever since that awesome origin story James Robinson gave us, he has been sidelined and now Nabu has been eliminated/replaced.  Also, DC prides itself on bringing diversity to comics yet they kill off one of their few Egyptian characters in Khalid. The whole thing just stinks for fans of this awesome character.  I for one am deeply disappointed, I'm going to stick around for the end of the Future's End stuff to see if the events of this one shot are erased or become cannon.  If it is to be canon, it may be a sign for me to take a break from comics.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Constantine Future's End Preview has the preview to this week's Constantine Future's End issue and we Dr. Fate fans won't be disappointed.  The Helm of Nabu is a prominent plot point for this issue.  However, looks like DC wasn't satisfied with an Egyptian male being the new Dr. Fate and are looking to make Dr. Fate a woman again.  If this is the case, it really sucks that Khalid never really got a chance to be Dr. Fate.  Hope that I'm wrong and Khalid continues to be Dr. Fate after the Future's End stuff is over.  If he is not, I will probably take a break from comics for a while.