Thursday, September 11, 2014

Constantine Future's End Review (with spoilers)

Words cannot express how disappointed I was with this issue and how disappointed I have been with how Dr. Fate has been portrayed in DC Comics' New 52 ever since James Robinson left.  The story itself, wrttten by Ray Fawkes, for this one-shot is actually pretty great.  It was creepy, captivating, and as stand alone horror story I really enjoyed it.  Had the antagonist been anyone else but Nabu/Dr. Fate I would have REALLY enjoyed it.  Sadly, it was Nabu who was the antagonist, but this is a totally different Nabu than we've seen before.  Sure, in the pre-New 52 comics Nabu was sort of a dick.  He took Kent Nelson's youth and father from him, was manipulative, he forced Eric Strauss into becoming Dr. Fate, and he was an asshole to Hector Hall.  Even after all this however, you knew that deep down inside he was doing it for the greater good.  He wanted to save mankind from the forces of Chaos, he had some redeeming qualities.  This Nabu, the New 52 Nabu, has none of that.  And it is sad.  The previous Nabu redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to defeat the out of control Spectre and bring on a new age of magic.  The previous Nabu gave up being a Lord of Order in order to save mankind from the coming of the Kali Yuga age.  This Nabu has no issue sacrificing innocents for his own purposes.  The previous Nabu, the real Nabu, was a Lord of Order, one of the most powerful magical beings in the entire Multiverse. This Nabu, the New 52 Nabu is not.  For the new fans, I highly suggest you go back and read some of the old material to find out who the real Dr. Fate was.  He was a drastically different character from that of the New 52.  

I don't know if the writers, editors, head honchos just don't like the character but ever since that awesome origin story James Robinson gave us, he has been sidelined and now Nabu has been eliminated/replaced.  Also, DC prides itself on bringing diversity to comics yet they kill off one of their few Egyptian characters in Khalid. The whole thing just stinks for fans of this awesome character.  I for one am deeply disappointed, I'm going to stick around for the end of the Future's End stuff to see if the events of this one shot are erased or become cannon.  If it is to be canon, it may be a sign for me to take a break from comics.