Thursday, October 2, 2014

Injustice Year 2 Final Chapter Review (with spoilers)

As always, Tom Taylor does a fantastic job with Injustice, and the final chapter to Year 2 is no exception.  I don't think I have ever been disappointed with a single issue of Injustice.  It has been fantastic the whole way through.  In this issue Superman is exposed for the tyrant that he has become to the entire world, and let me say that he does not give any F's.  After being exposed he goes on a tear, literally ripping apart members of the Green Lantern Corps after finally doing away with Ganthet and Mogo.  

The ending of the story, or epilogue if you will, is really the bright spot of this comic.  And what do you know, it features Dr. Fate!

Dr. Fate comes out of the Tower of Fate to rescue Black Canary who is "fated" to die after her battle with Superman.  However, the person behind the Helm (who I am assuming to be an older Kent Nelson) intervenes and saves her, by taking Canary to a different dimension and "reuniting" her with the Green Arrow of that Earth.  

This ending is the kind of stories that I feel can only be told through the character of Dr. Fate.  Sure, any mystical character with magical powers could have done what Kent Nelson did, but it is somehow more poetic when done by Dr. Fate.  This beautiful, positive ending, assures me that Tom Taylor "gets" who Dr. Fate is, and what the character is about.  I hope that he gets a chance to write more of Dr. Fate in this manner in the future.  On a personal note, it was great to see my favorite character depicted as I remember him from his days with the JSA.  Even if it was just a glimpse of the old Dr. Fate I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The final chapter of Injustice Year 2 gets two very high thumbs up from this blog.  Loved it.

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