Thursday, October 23, 2014

Plans for Dr. Fate in Constantine Television Show

Daniel Cerone spoke to CBR about the upcoming (starting tomorrow in fact) Constantine television show on NBC.  The following is a quote from the interview:

"Doctor Fate's helmet pops up in the pilot. Is that just an Easter Egg or do you have plans for him?
We have more ideas for Doctor Fate than I could list in this phone call. We're excited about paying that off. We don't have any concrete plans right now, but we have multiple pitches for stories. It is fully our intention to pay off that Easter Egg."

This is really exciting!  I really hope that they will go with Gerber's run for  Dr. Fate and introduce Kent V. Nelson as the host of the Helm of Nabu.  This would also imply that Kent Nelson (his Grand-Uncle) once wielded the Helm, and further imply that the JSA once existed.

Check out the entire story here:

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