Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: Injustice Year 3 #1 Review

Before I get into this review I'd like to acknowledge yesterday as a pretty significant day for Earth 2 fans.  Lots of comics having to do with our favorite Earth were available to us.  We had the regular Earth 2 title (no Dr. Fate appearance there), Earth 2 World's End #1 which had a bit of Dr. Fate who now just goes by Nabu and continues to ramble on in prophecies, and Constantine's ongoing series with the character touching down on Earth 2 and facing Wotan.  All in all, pretty awesome day.  Hopefully we get to see more of Dr. Fate, although I am not a big fan of the current version of the character.  

Now on to some Dr. Fate goodness!  I love that Dr. Fate is becoming more involved in Injustice.  I also love to see an older version of the character in his traditional blue and gold colors.  Love that when he speaks, his word bubbles have the gold/yellow highlight around them.  This Dr. Fate, although not the exact version of Dr. Fate I grew up with, feels like home. This Dr. Fate is good, the person under the Helm is in control.  This Dr. Fate is powerful, this Dr. Fate is the closest to the character I grew up with he has been in two years.  And although he hasn't done all that much, I already like him better than the New 52 version.

The comic itself was brilliant.  Tom Taylor gives us another break from the constant chaos that this Earth is going through to give us some comedy.  The way he writes Constantine is very natural.  He is funny, cocky, yet grounded.  Love the inclusion of the mystical beings and that Detective Chimp is now involved.  The DC comics mystical side is so awesome, I am so glad to be able to read a book with all these characters again.  I am really looking forward to the rest of Year 3, and if this first issue is an indication it is going to be great.  Thanks Tom for the all around awesomeness.  

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