Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kent Nelson Returns in Dr. Fate #13

Newsarama has the preview for next week's release of the new Dr. Fate issue.  Dr. Fate #13 will feature none other than the classic Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson himself!  I am so happy this is happening.  I have wanted, and advocated for, a Dr. Fate that is of Egyptian descent for a long time, but DC comics has not been able to get it right.  So I think it is time for the classic Dr. Fate to return, and this time I hope for good.  However, this is kind of confusing, because as we have seen in DC Universe Rebirth #1, it appears that Kent V. Nelson is also wielding the helm.  I wonder if DC will have multiple Dr. Fates?  There are now multiple Flashes, Jokers, and Supermen so this could be a possibility.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  Until then, here is the link for the preview of the upcoming Dr. Fate issue #13:


  1. Very interesting. I've followed the new series gladly because of its weird mix of talking cats and mystery. I like Khalid's attitude generally -- like in this issue where he bemoans not having a real mentor instead of an mystic double-talker and he wonders why "trying to kill me" has become a popular sport. But there are some old friends in the newest issue. Kent Nelson is just one of those things. The doorless Tower of Fate is back in the story. And this line sent chills doen my spine: "He is more than mortal man and he does not need to wear Thoth's helmet to share his power." It reminded me of how Dr. Fate used to be described in the origingal stories from the 1940's -- a being of pure force, the "delver into the unknown science of the occult and the weird, alchemist and physicist extraordinary–Doctor Fate has learned the ultimate secret of the universe–the true conversion of energy into matter, and matter into energy!”

    Without giving away any spoilers, Kent Nelson throws away a little tidbit about the Tower of Fate that might lead to future stories while it also reminded me of past ones. E.g., way back in More Fun Comics #57, Doctor Fate trapped a villain in the form of a statue and stored him in a curio cabinet. In another old story, the Tower of Fate seemed to have a repository of ancient machines and megial implements. I wonder where those things are now? :-D

    Anyway, it does look like the original Dr. Fate is going to be in the background of Khalid's story for a while. But the book is going to remain **Khalid's ** story!

    I like that. And it was a fun book to read.

    1. *I meant "magical" not "megial" [whatever the heck THAT means].